Our clients are French and foreign companies that are running businesses in France and abroad.

Our pragmatic approach is a strength for your international business strategy. Transactions security is a continuous and vital goal.

France proves to be an attractive country especially for investors and foreign entrepreneurs: significant domestic market, cutting-edge industries, high level infrastructures and tax advantages for innovative activities that are second to none in Europe.

Business lawyers, chartered accountants and specialized in international trade consultants are aware of major challenges regarding globalization and successful penetration into French market. This is why they accompany their foreign clients in thinking over and implementing their expansion strategy.

In order to provide an efficient support, skills obviously are cross-functional, transcultural and multilingual.

Lex in IT gathers legal and financial professionals : lawyers, chartered accountants and country-specific consultants, who are multilingual professionals and experts in their areas. They have experience in working in France, Europe or other continents, in big business law firms and international groups. Hence, they are able to understand encountered problems of foreign clients. They know how to assist them in their field of predilection as well as guiding them in a comprehensive way while offering a customized care according to their culture and sector of activity.

Lex in IT is not only a network but it is a European Economic Interest Grouping (EEIG) that is registered in France. The EEIG involves independent professionals coming from different cultures, having complementary skills, and sharing common values in order to provide high level customized services.