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On November 28th, the group of multiculural lawyers Lex in IT held its launch event in Lyon (France), targeted at foreign companies that have chosen to expand in Europe and wish to discuss the matter with international lawyers from multiple jurisdictions.

This launch event was an excellent opportunity for those companies to meet a group of ten bicultural/multilingual lawyers with stupendous experience of practice in different jurisdictions, including France and their native country. Each of the lawyers has given an overview of the business opportunities and the main regulatory requirements governing their native country, including France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Poland, Russia, Ukraine, China, Korea and Canada.

According to a French think tank, “each year in France, out of 100 companies that start doing business abroad, 30 of them are still doing it a year later, and 21 of them after two years. In the end, only 8 companies keep doing business abroad ten years after they started it. The main reasons behind this impediment for exporting are the lack of understanding cultural differences and the failure to overcome language barriers. Research from the same think tank has shown that mutual trust between companies is essential to cultivating and growing international business. Some key criteria are: the binding force of a contract, the legal system (and the ability to obtain enforcement of judgments), the use of quality labels, the implementation of international standards, etc.

Lawyers at Lex in IT assist and help to build a trusting relationship between local and foreign companies.

Understanding cultural differences and overcoming legal issues are the main challenges for companies to ensure the success of their business in international markets. Lex in IT is a worldwide network of independent law firms, comprising multicultural/multilingual lawyers admitted to practice in several jurisdictions, including France. “Helping and assisting medium and smaller-sized companies to successfully expand their business abroad, and foreign companies to establish a business presence in France, while at the same time becoming their trusted partner at affordable rates” are the main goals of Lex in IT.

About Lex in IT: The group Lex in IT was founded in 2011. The group’s headquarters are located in the World Trade Center in Lyon. Comprised of lawyers from various jurisdictions, former in-house lawyers and lawyers from major international law firms, Lex in IT provides a comprehensive range of legal services to micro, small and medium-sized enterprises, start-ups and multinationals.

Lex in IT’s credo could be summed up as follows: “the law could be an asset to the company”. These days, organizations, no matter how small, can have global ambitions providing they are being helped with cultural and legal issues by high quality, comprehensive professional lawyers who understand the needs of their clients and can properly manage their expectations.

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Cecile Dekeuwer (French attorney) / Rodolphe Michel (English solicitor)

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