Lex in IT

Launching event

Your company does business in Europe?

Meet the lawyers at our launching event!


Date: 28th of November, 2013 – 5 p.m.

Place: France, Lyon World Trade Center (27th Floor) – Tour Oxygène – 10,12 bd Vivier Merle


5 p.m.: Opening from D2K Avocats Law Firm Partners

5.15 p.m.: Presentation of the multicultural lawyers’ group Lex in IT

5.30 p.m.: Countries’ presentation by the bicultural lawyers from

France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Poland, Russia, China and South Korea

6.30 p.m.: Cocktail and networking



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Register: (Event limited to 50 people)


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lexinit_cdCécile Dekeuwer

French and future Canadian Lawyer. Former in-house counsel of LG Electronics and Casino Group.
Working for businesses in France, South Korea, Canada.
Speaks French, English, German and Korean.
Locations: Paris, Lyon, Montreal, Seoul.



lexinit_ekEwa Kaluzinska

French and Polish lawyer.
Working for businesses from Eastern Europe.
Former tax lawyer of Ernst & Young.
Speaks French, Polish and Russian.
Locations: Montpellier, Paris, Warsaw.


lexinit_mgMiguel Garre

French and Spanish Lawyer. Former in-house counsel of Alstom and Chemicals, Minerals and Metals Co.
Working for businesses in France, Spain and South America.
Speaks French, Spanish and English.
Locations: Paris, Valencia, Malaga, Barcelona.



lexinit_lmLuca Membretti

Italian and French lawyer.
Working for businesses in Italy and in France.
Speaks Italian, French, and English.
Locations: Milan, Lyon.


lexinit_pkPetra Kuhn

French and German lawyer.
Working for businesses from Germany and Austria.
Former judge.
Speaks French, German and English.
Locations: Lyon, Paris, Berlin.



lexinit_gdGabriele Dressler

German lawyer.
Working for businesses to Germany and Italy.
Run a European law firm.
Speaks French, German, Italian, Spanish and English.
Locations: Munich, Hamburg, Paris, Lyon,  Bologna.


lexinit_lcLi Chen

Chinese lawyer educated in USA, working in France.
Focusing on International trade, arbitration, corporate governance, M&A, technology transfer, JV.
Speaks Chinese, English and French.
Locations: Paris, Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu.


lexinit_ymYuriy Matychak

Legal counsel graduated in international business law in Ukraine and in France. Assists European companies in developing business in Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan. Speaks Russian, Ukrainian, French and English.
Locations: Paris, Kiev.

lexinit_tkTomasz Kirstajn

Polish lawyer. Assists foreign companies in Eastern Europe and polish businesses in Western Europe.
Speaks Polish, French, English and Russian.
Locations: Poznań, Lyon, Paris.


lexinit_tmTomasz Matyaszczyk

Polish and future French lawyer. Working for businesses in Poland and in France.
Speaks Polish, French, and English.
Locations: Poznań, Lyon, Paris.

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