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About Lex in IT lawyers

Members of "Lex in IT" are a group of French and foreign lawyers, specializing in business law. Our freedom and independence are essential, since we believe that a reputable lawyer is primarily an independent person with a critical mind, especially in the country of Descartes[CD1] .

 Each lawyer has unique skills, i.e. cultural, linguistic and legal skills, with regards to a foreign country due to his/her personal experiences abroad and Lexinit’s readers will benefit from this experience.

 Further, each lawyer has practiced business law for at least ten years in France and abroad, within law firms, multinational companies or SMEs. This inside knowledge allows the lawyer to provide more pragmatic and business oriented legal advice, combined with cultural references from other countries and the international environment.

 Once one becomes a lawyer in France, he/she has to swear as follows: "" I swear, as a lawyer, to perform my duties with dignity, honour, independence, integrity and humanity." Even if it is not easy to fulfil this swearing while providing advice in business law, we will try to honor this primary commitment in the articles of Lex in IT.


 [CD1]Descartes is a French philosopher at the origin of Cartesianism, characteristic of the French spirit













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