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Lex in IT: the reasoning behind the blog

Dear Readers,

You are probably wondering why this new blog about the law in France?  Let us explain why we feel that this new blog is unique, unusual, original and has numerous other qualities that you will have the opportunity to discover along with our articles and opinion pieces.  In all modesty, it should answer all of those questions you have always wanted, but never dared (for fear of the dreaded solicitors’ hourly rates) to ask, about legal and economic news and the legal professions in France.

Firstly, it is important to note that this blog aims to provide articles and columns on topics broadly related to the world of law, from recent legislation and case law to legal practice and legal advice on trade between France and foreign countries.  The great news is that this blog will, at the very least, be readable by English-speakers, and, in the near future, its content will be extended to German, Spanish, Italian, Polish, Romanian, Portuguese, Korean, and so on.

From our international experience, we’ve noticed that the law, the legal profession and legal advice are not easy to find and understand for people and companies that are not natives.  Each country has its own practices that you should know when the urge takes you to go and explore beyond your borders.  Upon arrival in a new land, companies and, in particular SMEs, but even some large groups, find themselves exposed to a severe lack of information, whilst in this increasingly regulated and globalised world, such entities have a critical need to remain informed.  In short, access to legal information, not to mention legal advice, is often difficult to access, mainly because of the language barrier.

In addition, we have to admit that the legal profession is known to be rather conservative and in France, a country of interest in many ways, including economically, lawyers are no exception to the rule.

We can comfortably say this, as all the bloggers you will find here are originally private practice legal practitioners, whether in France or elsewhere, sometimes with professional experience abroad or as in-house counsel or within other organizations (chambers of commerce, non profit organizations, etc.) – a world far different from that of the law firm.
We hope that you will find this blog to be sufficiently informative, pleasant and easy to read, unconventional or at least not too conventional and in any case no more than the average.  The blog seems to us to be the best way to communicate freely.  Looking forward to reading your first comments from around the world!

Cecile Dekeuwer / Samantha Verhaeghe


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