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Lex International

Lex in IT operates in many countries: France, Germany, Poland, Canada, Korea, Russia, China … assisting investors and companies not only with legal expertise but also with knowledge of the local entrepreneurial culture, negotiation specificities and professional network in the relevant country.

Lex In Trust

The goal is to provide efficient support by a cross-functional, multicultural and multilingual team guided by the values of independence, commitment and open communication. Lex in IT experts offer global advice in legal, financial and accounting areas. Experienced working in France, Europe or other continents, they are able to understand needs and problems encountered in cross border activities.

Lex In Security

Lex in IT offers a broad, personalized support in the development of the client’s activities in France and abroad. The creative and pragmatic approach is a strength for your international business strategy, however transaction security is always a continuous and vital priority.

Lex in IT is an European Economic Interest Grouping (EEIG) having as a purpose to support their clients in thinking over and implementing their expansion strategy abroad.

Lex in IT members are legal and financial experts, located or working in different European countries, in Asia, in Africa and in American continent, with cross-functional and multicultural skills.

Read about international law and financial news over Europe, from the point of view of professionals who are closely involved in international exchanges.

To provide an optimum service throughout Europe, Asia, America and Africa, Lex in IT members work hand in hand with local professionals having international backgrounds and being  used to working with European clients .